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I decided to venture out into the heat today with my friends Asmita and Alyssa for another Summerlicious dinner at King Street Social Kitchen & Bar!

Located in the Entertainment District in  Toronto near the Bell Tiff Lightbox (which is also the location for O&B Restaurants: Luma and Jump), King Street Social is found inside the Hyatt Regency Toronto Hotel. King Street Social offers weekend buffet breakfast and brunch as well as a bistro restaurant and bar - however their Summerlicious dinner menu ($25) varied from their regular bistro menu which is why I decided that this was the place we had to go!

We were seated immediately upon arriving at our 6:30 pm reservation and were incredibly eager to order since we were all so hungry. I ordered the Sangria to drink (one of my main go-to Summer cocktails) and Alyssa ordered White Ginger Pear from their Tea-Over-Ice selection. 

Left: Sangria ($12)
Right: White Ginger Pear Tea-Over-Ice ($6) 

I was a little bit iffy about our waitress because when I ordered the Sangria she said that she "had to go check with the bar if they could make a Sangria." Really? Why offer it on the cocktail menu - specifically Cocktail menu and be unsure if the bar could make it. If you have a fully stocked bar, you can make a sangria... I just thought that little bump was a tad bit unprofessional. The Sangria was made nicely, just a bit too powerful on the white wine, but mellowed out later on. The Tea-Over-Ice was something that I've never seen offered on a menu before. After ordering, a jug of already steeped tea was brought as well as a jug of ice and they poured the tea into the jug of ice to make the "Tea-Over-Ice". The flavour was incredibly light and had a hint of Japanese Pear (if you've ever had Japanese Pear you'll know that it's a nice mellow flavor that isn't too sweet).

They promptly brought us bread a few minutes after ordering. The bread was very similar to those you would buy at an Italian Supermarket, but seemed like it had been left out to cool for too long and some parts were incredibly hard and chewy! I had a little bun and only managed to finish half of it, it just wasn't to my liking.   

Our appetizers arrived almost immediately after the bread (which in this case was good). Alyssa and I ordered the Tomato Salad with Grilled Calamari. In terms of the presentation of dishes, I wasn't entirely impressed. My Tomato Salad had three mediocre sized pieces of calamari covered by a heap of Frisee Endive and Spinach Salad. I will acknowledge the taste of the dish as a whole though: when eaten together, the calamari and salad complimented each other quite well. The grilled taste (although not too strong) of the calamari when paired with the endive (as endive can taste a bit bitter) was mellowed out by the lemon and extra virgin olive oil. It was pretty tasty! It wasn't much of a Tomato Salad though as there was no hint of tomato taste unless you ate the tomatoes placed at the bottom of the dish. Asmita ordered the Chilled Watermelon and Cucumber Soup and I have to say the same thing of the presentation - it just wasn't appealing. Just soup in a bowl, no decorative croutons or cucumber slices, nothing creative! However for a summer soup, she really enjoyed it! 

Left: Tomato Salad with Grilled Calamari
Right: Chilled Watermelon and Cucumber Soup

For our entrée we all ordered the Grilled Flatiron Steak with Polenta and Roasted Asparagus. We ordered the dish without actually reading what was included (as we all wanted a steak dish) and remembered that there was polenta when the dish arrived. I am actually not a fan of polenta (as it is technically mushed grain) and rarely do I ever see it paired with steak because I'm so used to steak being paired with other items! I was really surprised at how well the polenta seemed to work into the dish, it was a new taste and view of polenta for me. We all had our steak done medium-rare, but I had a piece that was a bit rarer than I would have liked (not that big of a deal for me though). The dish also included a fresh tomato salsa, but it just tasted like onions, tomatoes, some pepper and a vinaigrette of some sort.  The dish was extremely filling and the steak was of a heartier amount than most restaurants!

Grilled Flatiron Steak with Polenta and Roasted Asparagus

The dessert portion of the menu offered three very different choices that all sounded extremely appealing. In all honesty, I was waiting for the dessert all night! Although seemingly typical, they tasted wonderful. I ordered the House Made Ice Cream Sandwich which tasted amazing. The sandwich on the left is a raisin cookie with a strawberry ice cream filling. The taste of the raisin and strawberry worked really well together. The strawberry was not too sweet and tasted incredibly different from strawberry ice creams that I have had in the past. The sandwich on the left was chocolate ice cream in between macadamia nut cookies - tasted equally as good and the ice cream was not too overpowering or sweet. The fruits on the side were a nice touch - fresh strawberries and a blackberry! I love my fruits! Asmita ordered the Chocolate Truffle Cake which tasted just as wonderful. I was expecting the chocolate detailing on the plate to smear as we started to eat the cake, but it didn't, leaving the detailing on (just something cool I noticed!) The cake was not too powerful of a chocolate taste and did not have that sticky affect most chocolate and truffle cakes have, very delicious! The chocolate pieces were also not too sweet too. Alyssa ordered the Fresh Summer Berries and Mango Sorbet. Although still a fairly good dish, it was more on the ordinary side. The sorbet was delicious but reminded me of the Häagen-Dazs mango sorbet taste with just a tad bit stronger of the mango flavor. The berries were fresh and paired well with the sorbet except for the blueberries - the sour taste in addition to the sweet tangy taste of the sorbet was not a flavor I could tolerate continuously.

Left: House Made Ice Cream Sandwich
Right: Chocolate Truffle Cake

Fresh Summer Berries and Mango Sorbet

For a $25 prix fixe Summerlicious dinner I was extremely impressed and was able to appreciate dishes that I previously had difficulty enjoying (e.g the usual bitterness of endives or polenta). I was very satisfied - especially with dessert!

 What I wore: Top - Guess | Skirt - Sirens

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