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I decided to go on a Butter Avenue run today because I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to try their "La Vie en Rose" macaron flavor before they stopped selling them (is it lame of me to think that this is what I consider to be of utmost importance? haha...) Thankfully, they still had them (however the black sesame flavor is now gone).

Butter Avenue opened it's first (and only store) on Yonge and Lawrence in 2011 right before Christmas and has been thriving ever since! I have only made one visit before as it's location is a little bit farther than where I would usually go, however when I do go I make sure to buy enough! Each time I step into Butter Avenue I always debate with myself whether or not I like macarons from Nadège more or from Butter. Even visiting today, I still can't make a final decision! 

Butter Avenue is creative and offers more new flavors more often which is what I love! They also get really creative for holidays and events as well. I had a friend ask me this past Valentine's Day where he should get macarons for his girlfriend and I suggested Butter! Butter was offering a set of six "heart-shaped macarons" in raspberry, lavender, rose, sea salt caramel, chocolat framboise and lychee and they had to be pre-ordered and then picked up. So unique and a wonderful gift idea for that day! It's also really common to see a Butter Avenue custom made macaron tarte or cake with messages like "Marry Me" or "Prom?" or "Happy Birthday" as well printed on the macarons! 

I absolutely adore all the flavors - my favourites being: Dark Chocolate, Seasalt Caramel, White Chocolate Strawberry, Matcha, Lime & Honey and Lychee Raspberry. However their macarons are also more delicate - one bite usually crumbles the rest of the macaron (not entirely, but it feels like it might). I have also had times where the buttercream or ganache varies increasingly, some macarons with very little and some with a heap! The flavor gets across though, especially is you pick the White Chocolate Strawberry and Seasalt Caramel.

The prices at Butter Avenue are higher than most of the macaron shops in Toronto (excluding Ruelo), but if you buy 6 or more they do not include tax (and we all dislike tax!) A box of 6 macarons is $13.50 and a box of 20 is $47. Their tartes are around $7.50+ (similar to Nadège). Sometimes I wonder if I am paying for the packaging as it is very sturdy (and beautiful) - I have never had to face the disappointment of having a macaron break when I lift the lid!  

Two boxes of six macarons ($27) 

I love my macarons and so does Stephen! He's extremely fond of matcha green tea so I always have to make sure to double up on that for him. Isn't the packaging just the best? Much sturdier than other places. 

 White Chocolate Strawberry Macaron

Here's one of my favourites from Butter! (Please ignore my chipping top coat nail polish on my thumb...)

I've always wanted to try their Afternoon Tea as it's just continuous rounds of indulgence, hopefully soon!  

More on my second visit of Butter Avenue here.

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