Butter Avenue x2

So I dragged Stephen to Butter Avenue today so we could get macarons for my mother's birthday (she loves Butter more than me!) He doesn't know where it is (gasp, right?) so I figured it was about time I showed him where it was so he knew where to buy and surprise me with wonderful macarons every once in a while - thank you Stephen! 

Box of 20 Macarons ($45)

Top Row (left to right): Raspberry Lychee, Matcha, Raspberry, Dark Chocolate
Second Row (left to right): Salted Caramel, Cream Cheese Passionfruit, White Chocolate Strawberry
Lime and Honey is on the 2nd last row, 2nd from the left! 

My mom ate well over half! She usually doesn't have a sweet tooth, but for macarons she always does - even more so for Butter Avenue! Now I'm indulging in the rest while reading the 2013 Met Gala version of Vogue (if you haven't bought it yet, I suggest you do - definitely worth the $12).

 Left: White Chocolate Strawberry
Right: Lychee Raspberry (don't you love the amount of ganache they put in-between?!)

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